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Google finally launched its bookstore for priced ebooks. The books are untethered and may be read on nearly any device, including Javascript-enabled browsers. Excerpt from the About page: "In addition [to priced ebooks], we offer nearly 3 million free ebooks from the public domain....Many Google eBooks are protected under copyright law, and our publisher and author partners require us to protect them against unauthorized copying and abuse. These protections come in the form of digital rights management (DRM) and control your usage of your ebooks, such as the option to download ebooks as ePub and PDF files. These protections are specified by the publisher and Google is required to implement them. Some Google eBooks are completely free of digital rights management - they are either free public domain books, or the rightsholder has chosen to provide its readers full access to the content. In these cases you will be able to download DRM free ePubs or PDFs....Additionally, some publishers will limit the number of mobile readers that can download a specific book at a time, and will limit the number of concurrent reading sessions allowed for their content...." At the end of each PD book, Google asks users not to make commercial use of the books, not to use automated querying of the Google site, and to maintain "attribution" (which in this case means maintaining the Google watermark).


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