the Marc Hauser affair means we need to require more posting of original data

Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


"First were the Climategate emails. There, Lack of transparency in climate data analyses and climate models contributed to the doubts of skeptics regarding climate change, and made it easier for the skeptics to convince the public that there is good reason for skepticism. Now, the Marc Hauser affair has cast a shadow across another sub-area of science. How can we prevent these scientific fiascos from occurring in the future? We can’t, but a little reform can reduce them. We should shift publication practices in a way that deters fraud and sloppy data analysis and at the same time increase transparency. This will improve everyone’s confidence in reported results. The change I’m suggesting (and I am by no means the first to advocate for this) is to require authors to post original data on the web, e.g. in the digital repositories provided by many institutions and consortiums...."


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