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[From Google's English] "Many publishers applies today 12 month embargo period before scientific articles are freely available. Research Council, however, requires several years of open access after six months for the research funding of, a limit to words from this year would be applicable to all Swedish public funded research . An engaged in the issue of open access is Jonas F Ludvigsson, a pediatrician in Örebro and professor at the Karolinska Institute. He believes that it is basically correct that the results should be freely available. The problem is, according to him it is the individual researchers who are expected to take brawl on shorter embargoes. - There can be only one winner and that's the publishers, who may require upwards of 30 to 40,000 dollars to make an article freely available, says Jonas Ludvigsson, who has personal experience of negotiating with publishers. - I tried to argue that an article would be freely available on one occasion without paying the cost, and there was definitely no, despite the fact that I even wrote to the editor. Though it is supposed that researchers should receive compensation for the additional costs they have for publication, it may order a productive scientists become concerned about the large sums that it is doubtful whether the funders want to pay, says Jonas F Ludvigsson. - It feels somewhat absurd if one would not be able to make important discoveries available to you have used up their money. Jonas Ludvigsson think that the Swedish Research Council and other funding agencies should take the discussion about open access by the publishers, preferably at EU level ..."



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