Open Knowledge Foundation Germany awarded H2020 project to improve transparency in public spending and support whistleblowing | Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland - Förderung von offenem Wissen im digitalen Zeitalter's bookmarks 2015-01-29


"The tell-tale signs of public spending gone wrong are easy to spot. For example, an airport that is many years behind schedule and billions of Euro over budget, or a highway which leads to nowhere. What has been harder up to now is to how to shine a light on the problem and engage civil society in helping to curb it. The Open Knowledge Foundation Germany has just been awarded a new Horizon 2020 research project, DIGIWHIST, which aims to do just that. The full project name is: The Digital Whistleblower:  Fiscal Transparency, Risk Assessment and Impact of Good Governance Policies Assessed (DIGIWHIST) and will run for 3 years (March 2015 – February 2018). Open Knowledge Foundation Germany is in charge of the development of digital transparency tools.  The total amount of the grant is 3,026,360 Euro. The central objective of DIGIWHIST is to improve trust in governments and efficiency of public spending across Europe by empowering civil society, investigative journalists and civil servants with the information and tools they need to increase transparency in public spending and thus accountability of public officials in all EU and in some neighbouring countries. Specifically, the project will create several interactive transparency tools intended for use by civil society, investigative journalists, and civil servants ..."


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