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[From Google's English] "The process is known, but hotly contested for many years, and for good reason: researchers and other scientists, including when their studies are funded by public money, spend part of their budget to pay for a publisher to to publish their research in a magazine, if possible world famous.   Once the study published in a scientific or academic journal, still charged for access to these reviews, to make the results available to other researchers. In other words, as Rue89 title that reveals the contract and the amount,  France is rather pay (twice) for the articles of its researchers .   Each new bargaining contract, the conditions are discussed by the consortia as Couperin negotiating 'the purchase of digital information resources for the benefit of its members, higher education and research': end of 2013, the consortium had encountered difficulties to complete an agreement with Elsevier .   Faced with complaints of researchers who wish to see their most widely circulated publications such as an open access model, publishers often respond with their own models based on purchasing access and that opening the floodgates threaten the sustainability their activities. Yet Elsevier finances are good: the Reed Elsevier Group recently reported a 4% increase in sales for the first 9 months of 2014.   The agreement between the Ministry and Elsevier'  amounts to € 171,697,159.27 for a perimeter of 476 universities and hospitals  ,'says Rue89. The ministry has supported the establishment of a national license, which allows negotiations to cover all French institutions. However, the newspaper is surprised'  the total lack of transparency in the supplier selection (why Elsevier in particular?) and the non-implementation of market competition among several actors (for that amount, a public tender opening is mandatory)  .'   A monopoly, which extends over the years clearly and acquisitions: Reed Elsevier and announced the purchase of  Health Market Science (HMS) , data provider for medical professionals ..."


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