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"We are happy to announce that the second international EuropeanaTech conference will be held on February 12th and 13th 2015 in Paris, France. The Europeana Tech community has grown tremendously since the first EuropeanaTech conference in 2011. Not only in the number of active network members, but also in its impact. Europeana is uniting hundreds of experts from across the EU to share knowledge and jointly shape the future of memory organisations in a networked environment. Specifically on the technology front, Europeana has developed into a point of reference in various areas, including data modelling, innovative reuse of cultural heritage assets, semantic enrichment and –discovery. Several innovations proposed by Europeana’s ‘TECH’ Community have now been adopted by others. Notably, metadata application profile used by the Digital Public Library of America is based on the Europeana Data Model. Many of the applications and tools developed in the context of Europeana are made available through the Europeana Labs that’s buzzing with activity since it was launched earlier this year."



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