Report: A project exploring Open Access monograph publishing in the Netherlands's bookmark collection 2013-10-23


"Report about the OAPEN-NL project which explored open access monographs. The aim was to gain knowledge and experience of both the publication and funding of open access books in the Dutch context.

Open Access model for monographs

Monographs still play an important role in scholarly communication, particularly in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Humanities and Social Sciences have suffered from the serials crises, as library funds for the purchase of monographs came under pressure.OAPEN-NL explored the opportunities and possibilities for the open access business model for monographs.

Comparing Open Access and conventional publishing

Between June 2011 and November 2012, fifty Open Access monographs in various subject areas were published in Open Access by nine participating publishers. For every Open Access title, the publishers provided a similar title that was published in the conventional way. Data were collected about usage, sales and costs, to study the effect of Open Access on monographs. OAPEN-NL consisted of a quantitative and a qualitative research component, measuring the effects of Open Access publishing and the perceptions and expectations of publishers and authors.

Effects of Open Access publishing

OAPEN-NL developed four models for cost recovery, used by the participating publishers. OAPEN-NL found no evidence of an effect of Open Access on sales. Neither was there evidence of the effect of Open Access on citations. But there was a clear effect on online usage. Online usage improved for the Open Access books.


The exploration resulted in recommendations to improve Open Access for monographs, and are aimed at all stakeholders in academic book publishing: funders, libraries, publishers and authors. Additional there are overall recommendations and recommendations for future research and for OAPEN."


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