Connecting the Dots Among Infrastructure, Community Needs, and Climate: Season Two of CPR's Signature Podcast

Center for Progressive Reform 2019-05-22


Pop quiz: What do marshes, pipelines, forests, and underground parking structures have in common? The answer is they are all infrastructure - part of the "underlying foundation," as my dictionary puts it, "on which the continuance and growth of a community depend." A lot of that foundation is artificial. But most of the goods and services we rely on come from the natural environment, itself. Ideally, both kinds of infrastructure -- gray and green -- would work together to provide the food, transport, and energy we need. But the story of gray and green infrastructure is often one of conflict. To understand how we might address the conflict and harmonize our infrastructure through passionate advocacy and sensible policy, we need to connect the dots. In Season 2 of CPR's Connect the Dots podcast, I interview a range of experts, community advocates, and political leaders to find out how we can get the balance right.


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Robert Verchick

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05/22/2019, 17:50

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