Gratis Open Access Vs. Libre Open Access

Amsciforum 2013-03-10


There is Gratis OA and there is Libre OA: Gratis OA means (1) immediate, permanent online access, free for all on the Web -- to peer reviewed research journal articles. (Note that along with free online access, the following also automatically comes with the territory: (2) clicking, (3) on-screen access, (4) linking, (5) downloading, (6) local storage, (7) local print-off of hard copy, and (8) local data-mining by the user, as well as global harvesting and search by engines like google.) Libre OA means immediate, permanent online access, free for all on the Web (i.e., Gratis OA) plus certain further re-use, re-publication and re-mix rights. (Note that many peer-reviewed journal article authors may not want to allow others to make and publish re-mixes of their verbatim texts. Journal article texts are not like music, videos, software or even research data, out of which creative modifications and remixes can be valuable. All scholars and scientists desire that their findings and ideas should be accessed, re-used, applied and built-upon, but not necessarily that their words should be re-mixed or even re-published -- just accessible free for all online, immediately and permanently.)


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