Android app for oral language documentation

Language Log 2013-03-15

Steven Bird, "Cyberlinguistics: recording the world's vanishing voices", 3/11/2013:

Of the 7,000 languages spoken on the planet, Tembé is at the small end with just 150 speakers left. In a few days, I will head into the Brazilian Amazon to record Tembé – via specially-designed technology – for posterity. Welcome to the world of cyberlinguistics.

Our new Android app Aikuma is still in the prototype stage. But it will dramatically speed up the process of collecting and preserving oral literature from endangered languages, if last year’s field trip to Papua New Guinea is anything to go by.

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Full disclosure: I'm co-P.I. with Steven on an NSF grant to develop, deploy, and test this approach to language documentation ("Language Preservation 2.0: Crowdsourcing Oral Language Documentation using Mobile Devices").