The Academic Senate and Others Respond to SB520

Remaking the University 2013-03-16

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the System-wide Academic Senate have responded to SB520.  You can find their letter here. The Berkeley Division has also sent out a letter (co-signed by their EVC).  You can find it here.  For those of you who may have been wondering how this bill may fit in with UCOP's continuing desire to promote UCOE you may want to read the fascinating Senate Report on the Continuing failures and false promises of UCOE.  It came out in December.  I am sorry I missed it.  But you can find the link here. STEINBERG'S PROPOSAL: You can find the text of the proposed legislation here.   Senator Steinberg's office has offered a "fact sheet" to persuade everyone it is a good idea.   Steinberg's proposal is actually an amendment to his earlier proposed legislation to create a California Virtual Campus. OTHER RESPONSES Bob Samuels has dissected the strategy towards outsourcing embedded in SB520. Both Angus Johnston and Jon Wiener have noticed how it is predicated on the continuing privatization and defunding of public education. Kevin Carey offers some fawning praise of the idea. NEWSPAPER COVERAGE The NYT story that first highlighted the bill. The LAT "reporting" can be found here. Some context from the SacBee. And some more context from Insider Higher Ed The Chronicle of Higher Education has coverage here.