Customer satisfaction for federal services rises amid threats to gut agencies

beSpacific 2017-02-02

NextGov: “Customer satisfaction with federally provided services climbed to its highest peak in four years, a survey suggests. Satisfaction with the federal government had reached an all-time low in 2015, after dipping each year from its all-time high in 2012, according to the American Citizen Satisfaction Index, an economic indicator registered to the University of Michigan. The improved quality of some federal websites—described as “ease and usefulness”—could explain the sudden surge in satisfaction, the report said. Other driving factors could have been improved “timeliness and efficiency of processes,” courtesy and professionalism of federal employees, and the clarity of information that federal agencies disperse…”

  • Source – ACSI Federal Government Report 2016 – Citizen Satisfaction Rebounds to Four-Year High, January 31, 2017“Following three years of steady erosion ending in an all-time low score, citizen satisfaction with the U.S. federal government rebounds in 2016, increasing 6.4% to 68.0 on a 0 to 100 scale. This is the highest ACSI government satisfaction score since 2012. While several factors combine to explain the rise in satisfaction over the last 12 months, the improvement for government websites stands out. Moreover, a substantial gain in both the proportion of respondents experiencing the Department of Health and Human Services and their level of satisfaction helps explain citizens’ more positive attitudes toward the federal government overall.”