How to make signing up for a COVID-19 vaccine less of a headache

beSpacific 2021-03-01

Tech Republic – “Confusing websites and wait times of up to 60,000 minutes sabotage user confidence and slow down progress toward herd immunity.  The COVID-19 vaccine process is literally all over the map. New York State has an “Am I eligible?” app. California has a “My Turn” website. Texas has a collection of 79 vaccine hubs each with its own website and sign-up process.  Pharmacy chains that offer vaccine appointments each have their own process as well. In February, the federal government launched a retail pharmacy program to expand vaccination sites beyond state clinics and hospitals. Twenty-one retail stores ranging from Kroger to Publix to Walgreens to Costco will offer vaccines once the supply increases and more people are eligible to get the shot. This availability varies as well with each state having a specific set of retail partners…”