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Title: Union Pacific Corporation (Incoming Letter) Source: SEC Data/Action: No-Action Letters Date: 1/15/2021 Text Preview: ...disasters affecting society is causing alarms to be raised within the executive, legislative1 and judicial 2 branches of government, making the corporate sector's contribution to climate mitigation a significant policy issue; · The Commodity Futures Trading Commission recently issued a report3 finding that climate change... ...greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, GHG targets, improved climate governance, and climate related financial disclosures;5 Climate-related decisions by a company have portfolio-wide and economy-wide implications. Disclosing reduction targets, detailing strategies for embedding climate change throughout a company's business models and services, and providing progress therein to shareholders, is an important means of assuring shareholders that management is taking seriously the physical and transition risks associated with climate change... ...climate change objectives. Resolved: Shareholders request that the Board of Directors issue a climate transition report, at least 120 days prior to the next annual meeting, and updated annually, that addresses the scale and pace of its responsive measures associated with climate change. Supporting statement: Shareholders recommend that the transition report, in the board and management's discretion: • Quantifies the Company's Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse...


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