Education in China: The Best Chinese Universities

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the best Chinese universities

While a university education in China isn't generally considered to be cutting edge, the quality of education offered by China's main universities is growing quickly.

And while you might never have considered studying at a Chinese university before, there are a number of situations where this might be advantageous. They might include:

  • If you are able to obtain a scholarship at a Chinese University.
  • If you are able to utilize the lower cost of living in China to your advantage (geo-arbitrage) and can earn a degree at a lower cost.
  • If you are presented with a unique job or internship opportunity that allow you to study in China while also gaining work experience.
  • Of course, there are few better places than a Chinese University to study Chinese at.

For the following post, we decided to look at the Top 5 Chinese Universities as ranked by US News. No university-ranking methodology is perfect, but US News has a history of publishing consistently great rankings, and that's why we chose to use theirs.

For more information, view our Chinese Universities comparison.


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