Shanghai Districts: Which One Should I Live In?

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Staring at a map of Shanghai before arriving can be an intimidating exercise for even the most steely-nerved of us. Metro lines are stacked upon 8 lane highways and massive highrises to form an urban mass that many consider to be the word's largest city.

Throw in the population that is possibly as high as 30 million and Shanghai can look like an urban black hole. And as a whole, it is.

However, for all of its sprawl, there are really only a few areas of the city that most expats and returning Chinese live in, and finding housing in one of these areas is a straightforward affair that is limited only by one's budget.

In the right neighborhood, Shanghai can feel less like a megalopolis and more like a small city where you run into the same people day after day. After all, the total population of foreigners in Shanghai is only around 200,000 people or so, and they tend to form tight-knit clusters within the following 5 districts.

Following is our list of Shanghai's 5 Best Districts to live in.


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