China Internship Scams: What's The Deal?

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If you Google "china internships", one of the first auto-suggested searches is "china internship scam". If you perform that search you'll see a number of results for all sorts of horror stories that explain internships in China gone wrong. You'll read horror stories of people promised their "dream internship" only to end up working in an internship they hate. 

You might even find this story, about a group of interns who ended up working as mascots at an amusement park in Guangzhou.

Sure, I understand that some unscrupulous companies in the space don't deliver on their unrealistic promises ("you'll DEFINITELY get a full-time job offer following your one month internship"), and while that is undoubtedly dodgy, I don't know that it qualifies as a scam. There has to be something else going on here.

So why is "china internship scam" searched in Google in a high enough volume to be an auto-predicted term? 

Following are the reasons I believe why this is the case...


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