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Why thousands of graduates from across the world have chosen to secure their careers from SHANGHAI!

How two graduates (Brandon, Class of ’08 and Mike, Class of '09) escaped the recession, built bulletproof careers in China and are now helping others to do the same.

It was 2008, and the Bear Stearns collapse was on the news. Again. Lehman Brothers was next.

Across the US, people were defaulting on their home mortgage in record number. In California, almost a quarter of a million homes had been foreclosed on in 2008 alone. In Ohio, that number was WHAT.

The national unemployment rate was soon to reach nearly 10%. Banks that were "too big to fail" were on the verge of collapse.

People were occupying Wall Street.

The Great Recession had begun and we were just graduating university.

Building Careers from Shanghai

Amidst the collapse of the west, China was an economic bright spot. 10% growth. Abundant jobs. WHAT ELSE. So there we went.

Nearly six years later, we are still in Shanghai, and are now helping ambitious, global young students and recent graduates to build their careers from China. In contrast to the sluggish economic growth that has been proclaimed "the new normal" in much of the west, China continues to grow. Fast.

Your job search does not need to feel bleak. Yes, the global economy has been completely turned on its head during the past 5 years, but opportunities abound. The thing is, they aren't where they used to be. Many of them are in China.

An internship can help differentiate you from the thousands or even millions of recent graduates entering the workforce back home. It can be a powerful tool that you translate into a better job when you return home after three months. An internship in Shanghai can also be the beginning of an exciting new career from China.

Whether you intern for 3 months or 3 years, an internship in Shanghai is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

So yes, economic prospects in the west remain mostly, well, bleak. In the US alone, over 3 million graduates enter the workfroce every year, and they aren't wanted. Once predictable career paths are now fraught with risk. There are more people than there are jobs, and robots are the new middle class. But hey, what's YOUR excuse?

What Kind of Global Citizens are we Looking for?

We want you to join our program because you:

  • Are young, resourceful, and forward thinking.
  • Are a hustler, a go-getter, a high flyer, hungry, industrious, ambitious,  self-starting or tell really good jokes.
  • Recognize that in the US and Europe, the economies are not providing the jobs needed to absorb the millions of new graduates entering the workforce every year.
  • Understand the value of experience in China, both to your career growth and personal growth.
  • Probably also like meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and traveling.


A disclaimer from Brandon: An internship in Shanghai is not a magic cure-all for your career woes.


If you want personalized support while building your brand from Shanghai, keep reading to see everything you get:

  • Rapid personal and career growth with one of our carefully selected partner companies. Get ready to learn. A lot. For the entrepreneurs in our program, we have strong partnerships with Shanghai-based SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), while our future Fortune 500 executives will find ample opportunity one of our MNC (multinational corporation) partners.
  • An easy transtion to China: We'll pick you up at the airport, host a welcome meal for you, and make sure you have 24/7 support, and give you a bunch of other cool things. We want you to focus on building your brand and experiencing Shanghai, not having to explain to a cab driver how to get to your apartment. That is, of course, unless you want to.
  • A home, smack dab in a furnished apartment in city center with roommates who will make your time in Shanghai memorable. Located right by a major metro stop, you’ll be able to minimize your morning commute.
  • Accelerated Chinese learning with an entire year of access to over 2,000 digital Mandarin Chinese lessons, meaning you can master Chinese on your own terms- anytime, anywhere!

We are also likely the most career-oriented internship program in China. This means we give you a host of career and personal development tools that you can’t get anywhere else.

These include:

  • Ongoing personal career development in the form of our Work Smarter Seminar, monthly masterminds, and a customized career blueprint.
  • A monthly Mastermind Call, where everyone gets together to share their experiences and challenges in China, motivate one


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