Kelly Clarkson Covered "Cool For The Summer" And Demi Lovato Freaked Out

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Celebs, they’re just like us.

It's one of my girl's birthdays tomorrow. And when I say my girl, I mean Demi Lovato. It's Demi's birthday tomorrow and she's always been so supportive and so cool. To see a kid that used to go to my shows have this huge, lustrous career — she's just killin' it. I thought I would, for her birthday, sing her new single 'Cool For The Summer.'

Naturally, it sounded FLAWLESS AF.

And mega-Kelly-Clarkson-fan Demi was completely blown away.

If someone would've told me when I when I was little that one day @kellyclarkson would one day cover one of MY songs at HER concert for MY BIRTHDAY, I would call you crazy and never believe you again. ?

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