25 Delicious Recipes For Bakers At High Altitude

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Talk about a baking high.

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At higher altitudes, foods can take longer to cook, liquids evaporate faster, and dough rises more quickly. All of that means your baked goods can come out undercooked, dry, and/or collapsed, so you have to make slight adjustments when making breads, cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries. And while there are definitely rules of thumb you can follow — like increasing your oven temp, decreasing your baking time, and adding about a tablespoon more liquid and flour — here are a bunch of helpful recipes that have already made the adjustments for you.

High Altitude New York Times Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

High Altitude New York Times Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

The gold-standard in cookies, adapted for high altitude! Recipe here.

Kelley Epstein / Mountain Mama Cooks / Via mountainmamacooks.com

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