'Knowledge should be open by default': An Interview with Diego Gómez Hoyos | FORCE11

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"In preparation for FORCE2017, hosted in Berlin this October, I interviewed keynote speaker Diego Gómez Hoyos. Diego, based in Costa Rica but originally from Colombia, is a young researcher in Conservation Biology who recently hit the media spotlight, drawing the attention of the scholarly communications community.

He is currently facing criminal charges, and up to 8 years in jail, for sharing the thesis of another research online. Although he was most recently cleared of all charges, the prosecutor has appealed the decision, and Diego is continuing his legal battle with the general support of the 'Open' community, as well as organizations like the Karisma Foundation and the EFF. The campaign, 'Sharing is not a crime' highlights some of the current issues and debates surrounding copyright law, and the ownership and sharing of research."



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