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lkfitz's bookmarks 2017-11-14


"In this update to the PLOS Open Data Collection we highlight a few of our favorite picks from the last year. In our earlier treatise on this subject we considered several criteria, which we’ve reused to select new additions to this collection: What is important for data sharing? The impact on policy change? Highlighting ethical issues? Data science that advances our abilities to share or vice versa? Technologies that leverage shared data (the noble discipline of “data parasitism”)? Community-focused efforts that implore the world to change? How sexy the figures are? And then of course, there is simply what do people think – how much is the article being discussed? Finally, we felt that we must consider disciplinary perspectives that foster cross-pollination of ideas and approaches. We also broke down and included one of our own papers as it has been so highly discussed and because only our colleague Julie McMurry could take the exceptionally nerdy topic of persistent and unique identifier provisioning and management and make beautiful illustrations about it."


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