Predatory publishing and cybercrime targeting academics - Umlauf - 2018 - International Journal of Nursing Practice - Wiley Online Library

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Abstract: "The purpose of this report is to inform and warn academics about practices used bycybercriminals who seek to profit from unwary scholars and undermine the industry of science.This report describes the signs, symptoms, characteristics, and consequences of predatory pub-lishing and related forms of consumer fraud. Methods to curb these cybercrimes include educat-ing scholars and students about tactics used by predatory publishers; institutional changes in howfaculty are evaluated using publications; soliciting cooperation from the industries that supportacademic publishing and indexing to curb incorporation of illegitimate journals; and taking anoffensive position by reporting these consumer fraud crimes to the authorities. Over and abovethe problem of publishing good science in fraudulent journals, disseminating and citing poor‐qual-ity research threaten the credibility of science and of nursing."


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