L’open data à la rescousse de la Généalogie – Historia Familly

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From Google Translate: "A problem accessing the archives, to move you, time? Do not panic, the open data comes to the rescue of troubled genealogists!

Often it is easy for us to go back to our grandparents and possibly our great-grandparents. The arrival of digital technology greatly facilitates research today, indeed in most departments the archives can be consulted in part via the internetwhich thereby limits the travel, time lost for them and allows to Conduct research from home.

The registers of civil status, consultable on the site of the departmental archives, offer many possibilities to the amateur genealogist in order to be able to progress easily.

The potential barriers they may encounter from: changes in the registrar , the readability of ancient scriptures , the formatting of the acts and the quality of records retention ."



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