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"The Alternative Funding Mechanism for APC-free Open Access journals and platforms is a parallel workline being implemented under the EC FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot as a means to provide a balance to the standard workflow for funding Article and Book Processing Charges for publications arising from finished FP7 projects. This alt-funding mechanism aims to support the technical strengthening of such APC-free OA journals as a means to make them more reliable and better quality venues for publishing. One of the main goals of the initiative – besides fostering collaboration across funded projects – is to define a default set of technical features for this kind of journals to become more solid. The outcome of this alt-funding initiative will then be a loose roadmap towards the development of a more advanced, more harmonised landscape for APC-free OA publishing.

The list of 11 bids selected for funding under this alt-funding mechanism was released on Aug 1st. Four and a half months later, one of the goals of the Dec 19th workshop for funded bids under this alt-funding initiative was to assess the progress in the implementation of the work plans."


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