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"One aspect of my EPSRC Research Software Engineering fellowship is to spread basic good practice in research software to different academic fields. Last year, I was invited to participate in a Reproducible research in Ecology workshop which was part of the 2016 International Society of Behavioural Ecology Conference. My contributions included a talk (your research software correct?) and a workshop on using projects and version control using R and RStudio.

The latest output from this stream of work is a paper in Behavioral Ecology called Striving for transparent and credible research: practical guidelines for behavioral ecologists which discusses various topics including preregistration, open science and, of course, research software practices with shout-outs to initiatives such as Software CarpentryResearch Software Engineering and the Software Sustainability Institute. The lead author is Malika Ihle with contributions from Isabel S Winney, Anna Krystalli and me."



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