Elsevier regrets HRK unwillingness to progress German national agreement talks, urges return to negotiations

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"Elsevier came to this meeting in good faith following an agreement with the HRK to carefully listen to each other’s positions. We brought what we felt were reasonable proposals to the meeting that addressed four key aspects HRK had informed us were critical to them. They included a national subscription proposal with substantial financial benefits, and a separate proposal offering options to enable 100 percent of German articles to be made available open access this year, in line with the government’s national open access strategy.

Unfortunately, HRK denied Elsevier the opportunity to present its proposals and refused to discuss them at all. HRK ended the discussion saying that it was only worth coming back to the table if we met their exact demands. One of those demands was that under an agreement, the HRK-represented institutions would continue receiving the research from around the world they currently subscribe to, but stop paying for it. However, subscription-based access to research is currently the predominant distribution model in the vast majority of the world’s countries.

This demand differs substantially from the request HRK made to us before the meeting, which we responded to. While different opinions about details are of course to be expected, the outright refusal to discuss Elsevier’s proposal strikes us as contrary to what we are jointly trying to achieve: open access publishing in Germany and subscription access to the world’s content for all relevant institutions and at a reasonable price.

We offered to deliver this in the best interests of German research. We call on the HRK to return to the negotiation table to try to find, together, a reasonable outcome that preserves Germany’s status as one of the most impactful research nations in the world."



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03/26/2017, 16:38