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From Google Translate: "on the day that the hearing between Elsevier and the universities on the disclosure had their contracts madeScienceGuide announced that it has been able to lay hands on the deal. According to proponents of open access shows contract that the publisher is doing everything to make the road to open access for as long as possible and unattractive. 

Jointly publish the Dutch institutions over a period of three years up to 3600 items under the open access rules. This is only if the author is associated with a Dutch institution, and only a fraction of the titles issuing Elsevier. Because scientific research in most cases based on international co-operation and important titles are not open to open access, those conditions are too restrictive, find opponents of the agreement.    The hearing is about whether the contracts between the public money paid to universities and publishers should be made public so that everyone can judge whether the tax money optimum contribution to strengthening science.  

With open access not pay readers for access to information, but pay for research dissemination of results."


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