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From Google Translate: "The National Plan Open Science , presented on February 9, research institutions have expressed the wish scientific publications to disclose as much as possible. In 2020, everyone can hear all scientific articles and research data as possible. As far as the authors of the plan is to publish open access and optimal reuse of research data standard. The motto is: open as it can be closed if necessary.

open access

The Alliance College Libraries (SHB), a collaboration of 32 university libraries, will contribute to this objective and therefore expresses himself in a position paper from publishing the 'Green Route' of open access. The cooperating libraries want the proceeds of applied research in HBO as open as possible dissemination, sharing and reuse. This concerns both the knowledge products for students, teachers and researchers, such as theses, teaching materials, textbooks open, professional and research publications as well as other types of products resulting from applied research.

green route

Libraries want free recycling publications may citing a Creative Commons license. The 'green route' places a researcher, teacher or student to an article in a public database (repository) that the publication is available for the rest of the world. This fits in best with the publication culture within the schools. The university libraries as much information as possible to facilitate both the authors of research and users in accessing the results, and any underlying research data, from applied research.

Knowledge sharing

The SHB therefore wants to make agreements with publishers for published works standard also publish open access. In addition, SHB will through knowledge sharing, professional development and networking to find the connection with initiatives being undertaken anywhere in the country within the framework of the National Plan Open Access."



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