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"The solution to accessibility of science online is open access publication. In open access publication, the cost of publishing is paid by the author or the author’s institution, ensuring that article is free to read by anyone. Open access publishing has come in two main forms: new journals that only publish open access articles, and traditional journals that will publish open access articles if authors pay the fee. While navigating traditional journals with paywalls is still very much a chore for the scientist with limited resources, open access publishing has been gaining in popularity.

The system isn’t perfect, as scientists with limited resources are sometimes unable to afford the fees of publishing their articles open access, but the swelling popularity of open access publications has opened up whole areas of study to the public. As a lot of scientific research is publicly funded, public access seems like the ideal outcome to me.

This topic relates to a recent list from open access journal PLOS ONE of which I was honoured to be a part. A published article of mine from 2013 was selected as part of the journal’s 10th anniversary Datasets Collection. Published and accessible datasets is an important part of reproducing, re-examining, and re-evaluating scientific discoveries. The reuse of data is also incredibly useful at propelling science forward faster by allowing scientists to spend less time re-gathering data already collected by other scientists. The dataset in my 2013 article was itself built on the published datasets of authors who had come before me. I hope that this pattern of the free sharing and reuse of scientific discoveries and their datasets continues to expand as scientists learn more and more about the world around us.

For access to the datasets collection, including my own freely available publication, look here:"


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