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"PDFs are the world's standard for documents that people can trust. They look great, they preserve design, and they print everywhere.

But PDFs can do much more than that. They can contain data, maps, links, and files. Some contain videos, and animations. And yet they almost never do. When was the last time you used a PDF like that?


we're looking for examples of how people work well with PDFs and data. We want to document and share things that work well. And we want to document and share the barriers that there are to change too.

We've already spoken to a lot of people, and we've set up a W3C Community Group as a place for global discussions. We're currently working on a showcase project to show how PDFs and data can play a much better role in England & Wales' planning system. We'll be working aloud and sharing what we find as we go.

But for now we want to hear from even more of you.



  • What do you like about PDFs?
  • What are the best examples and use cases you've seen?
  • What do you wish was better?
  • Where do you see the future of the format? How can we help?"



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