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"Instructions: We need your help! We want to translate this year’s theme for International Open Access Week into as many languages as possible. In English, the theme is 'Open in order to…' and is meant as an invitation to answer the question of what concrete benefits can be realized by making scholarly outputs openly available. The goal of this specific phrasing is to focus the conversation on the tangible, positive outcomes of an open system, which can be an especially effective way of engaging those who are not yet interested in or supportive of open research practices. On the next page, you can find examples of how individuals might complete the phrase 'Open in order to…' to help get a sense of what translation in most appropriate.

In the document below, please add a new page for each new language you would like create a translation for. Add the name of your language at the top of this new page using the heading 1 style and write your suggested translation below (in the normal text style) along with an optional accompanying explanation for your particular translation. Please include your name/email at the end of the translation in case additional follow-up discussion is needed.

If a translation already exists for your language, please use the commenting functionality to provide feedback, or provide an alternative translation, if needed. If a different translation is needed for different dialects of a language, please create separate pages for each and use parentheses to denote each dialect in the title."


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