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From Google Translate: "Will the cost of access to the list of predatory magazine said the company eligible cost, which will be in addition to the publication of 'open access' further "gazed" public funding for science? Is the cost of publication in the journal predatory eligible expenditure on projects, programs? What happens if doktorand_ke article published in the journal predatory (before or after defending his doctoral thesis)? How to publication in journals dealing with predatory habilitation commission? How can identify whether raziskovalec_ka published in predatory journals only in order to obtain an adequate number of articles for promotion or the bil_a only neveden_a or the magazine later be identified for predatory? How to take into account the point total in predatory journals SRA or whether our CSICs able to update the lists of predatory magazines? Is it admissible that 'kaznovan_a' posameznik_ca whose publication is exciting, important but it turns out that predatory magazine? They are considered citacije in predatory magazine? etc."

Apologies for very incomplete translation.


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