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From Google Translate: "'It is often said data is the new gold. And from today you have a golden opportunity, if you do something with open data.' With these words opened Prince Constantijn van Oranje the new edition of the Stuiveling Open Data Award. As 'Special Envoy'  at Startup Delta he called in a video message   during Accountability Hack to send in people to their applications with open data.

 The award is named after the recently deceased former President of the Court of Audit Saskia J. Stuiveling. The Stuiveling Open Data Award underscores the importance of using open data, eg because of economic, social and democratic values. 

If people can reuse information easily, they can develop useful new applications. For example, the winner of last year, startup Bleeve, the House Scan owners quickly and easily understand the best energy saving measures for their specific property, based on open data. Apart from the advantages of a sustainable home for the individual it also has a positive social impact.


From June 9 to September 15, participants can make their entries via the entry forms on The award is open to anyone who has made an application that uses open data from public organizations, such as a website, app or visualization. The winner receives a cash prize of € 20,000 for further investment and development of the application."


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