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From Google Translate: "In my (much smaller) experience in Italy, except for three virtuous examples, the academic authorities defend the authors who buy fake stuff and refuse to say if they were paid from public funds.

I think predatory publishers poses the biggest threat to science since the Inquisition.

Jeff, you are exaggerating!

They threaten research by failing to demarcate science from authentic methodologically unsound science, by Allowing for counterfeit science, such as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to parade as if it were authentic science, and by enabling the publication of science activist. [...]

There's no longer a clear separation between the authentic and counterfeit medical research, even though medical research is the most important research for humankind today. Indeed, of all human endeavors, what surpasses medical research in Importance, value, and universal benefits?

I would agree if the big commercial publishers, beginning with  Elsevier  described by Beall as a poor victim of open access fanatics, had not pseudo-journals that only publish articles paid by BigPharma."


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