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From Google Translate: "The Open Data Barometer (ODB), published by the World Wide Web Foundation this month, evaluated 115 countries and ranked Brazil in 18th place, down from the ranking last year. This analysis aims to measure how much the country is ready to support and sustain open data initiatives and actions, whether it actually implements open data programs or whether it is left alone on paper and whether the implemented program actually causes a real impact on business , Politics and civil society. The ODB methodology foresees data collected by self-completion by governments and verification by experts thereafter.

In its annual ODIN 2016 inventory, Open Data Watch ranked Brazil 67th. Position, well behind Sweden, Norway and the Czech Republic, the best scores. Among the countries with average scores, besides Nigeria, Brazil, Kosovo and Cameroon stood out. And among the lowest scores are Haiti and Madagascar. In this last edition, the institute added 48 countries to the study, including the richest OECD nations, totaling 173 countries. Brazil was in the 67th position, with an average of 43 points, obtaining 44 points in coverage and 42 in opening. In the world ranking, the average was 39 points. The objective of ODIN is to assess globally how official statistical institutions (in Brazil, IBGE) are committed to the publication of basic indicators in quantity, And open format as a guarantee of access and possibility of full re-use by the population. The methodology provides for evaluation directly on the website of the official statistical organization by a single evaluator.

Open Knowledge International's Global Open Data Index (GODI) ranked Brazil 7th in 2017 well above the 12th position in 2016. The goal of GODI is to know how countries in general publish open data. Some criteria taken into account in the analysis are data collection, the practice of publishing and disseminating them, the ease of finding the data and the presentation format, which sometimes prevents re-use. GODI creates insights so that agencies that publish public data identify where their greatest problems lie. The methodology provides for evaluation by civil society researchers with the possibility of an open review later."



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