Conférence: La science libre et ouverte, bien commun de l’humanité | Michèle Rivasi

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From Google Translate: "The protection of knowledge in the face of private interests is a prerequisite for restoring the credibility of science at a time when hoaxes and climatic skepticism are reaching the highest levels of political life. Knowledge is never better evaluated and protected than when it is shared. The digital age offers extraordinary means for spreading knowledge and enabling all researchers in the world to enrich each other. Yet their articles are closed behind publications contracts, in-camera editorial boards, restricted reading rooms, and paid downloads. This privatization of knowledge, largely financed by public money, must cease.

The data produced by the researchers (measures, articles, codes ...) must be protected as a common good of humanity, usable by all and possessed by individuals. Without these data, there can be no reproducibility of scientific studies, no discussion of their conclusions, no confidence in the political decisions that flow from them. The citizen has no choice but to blindly follow science or reject it. Genuine democratization of the government of experts implies ensuring that everyone has access to publications and research data so that anyone can follow the researchers' work and even contribute to it.

In this context, Michèle Rivasi organized a conference in the European Parliament to promote open science, or open science."


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