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"In recent years, there is a rising concern about increasing cost of publishing in scientific journals. The cost of submitting an article for peer review and the cost of publication has been an issue of great concern for many researchers. As if these were not enough, library subscription cost has also increased drastically. The growth of journal subscription costs has increased over 200% from1986-2009 and it’s estimated to even increase further.

This makes it difficult for researchers to get access to such publications in situations where they nor their libraries cannot afford to pay for the subscriptions. In the long term, ideas, innovations and novelty will be buried. In the past, researchers who do not have access to certain papers have had to request for the paper at online discussion forums and hope to ever get the paper to have access to the information they require to make progress in their research. In certain cases, researchers have to directly email the authors to have a copy for forwarded to them."


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