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In  TU Delft Repository is the site of research at TU Delft. Here are 49,700 dissertations, articles, conference papers, patents, speeches, theses and other publications of TU Delft offered in full text. TU Delft is firmly on making available online all Delft dissertations from the first promotion in 1905. There are 7,500 full-text dissertations available that virtually all promotions of TU Delft and pastors. The common Repositories are 123,000 descriptions (metadata records) with 164,000 files (assets). TU Delft repositories have been visited since 2006, 2.7 million copies were 1.6 million unique visitors and 7.9 million page views counted. 

Delft research through research information Pure

The system  Pure provides information about ongoing research at TU Delft. It is intended as a management information system and includes (limited) descriptions of research, publications and authors. 

Daffodil - National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System

TU Delft Repository is a participant of  daffodil  , the national platform of scientific research. Daffodil is the national portal for those seeking information on scientists and their work. Besides scientists also, students, journalists and employees in education, government and business use of NARCIS. NARCIS are 440,000 open access publications including 33,900 from TU Delft."



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