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"To encourage student work in digital classics, the Center for Hellenic Studies and University of Virginia Library have established First Thousand Years of Greek internship programs. The internships introduce students to digital tools and standards, giving them the opportunity to create their own text analysis projects. These projects aim to add a new generation of annotations and creating new 'smart' editions that can personalize themselves to the needs of global audiences.

If print audiences depended upon the authority of their editors, OGL texts invite evidence-based annotations, where the foundations for each statement are increasingly transparent to a global audience -- such as the first translation from Herodotus’ Greek into Persian or linguistic annotations that can be quickly localized into Arabic, Croatian and other languages beyond the English, French, German and Italian cluster that has dominated Greco-Roman studies.

OGL offers opportunities for students at every level, from the introductory student studying the Greek and Latin alphabets to advanced researchers proposing novel analyses of complex sources. Opportunities exist for students to progress to advanced levels, whether in formal classes or informal settings. Contributors to OGL can be citizens in a new, global republic of letters."


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