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"Recommendation systems filter a user’s choices and attempt to provide suggestions on relevant items. CORE, a global open access aggregation service, supports a recommender plugin that can be installed in all repository instances (e.g. EPrints, DSpace, Digital Commons, etc), open access journal systems and websites. With this plugin, CORE aims to assist users on discovering a wide range of open access scientific publications easily and advance the repositories’ functionality by enabling them to offer recommendations on similar articles from a collection of 70 million metadata and 6 million full text records. The suggested relevant articles are generated as follows; each time a user in a repository views an article, the plugin notifies CORE about it and CORE sends back a list of suggested items for reading. The recommender suggests similar articles both within the collection of the hosting repository and the CORE collection. In this talk we will present the CORE Recommender and we will: ● mention the benefits of recommenders and how repositories can assist users by providing similar articles from their repositories ● briefly describe, avoiding jargons and special terminology, how the recommender works ● present the process of rolling out the CORE recommender in repositories ● explain how the recommender can be installed in repositories, open journal systems and websites."


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