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From Google Translate: "A way out of this open-to-corruption publication system would be a model that has been practiced successfully since 2015 by the 'Open Library of Humanities'. Apart from additional funding by a science foundation, this non-profit-oriented Open Access publisher finances his published journals through a collaborative model with numerous university libraries. In this way neither the authors nor the readers are prevented by a paywall from accessing publications that are subject to the highest scientific standards.

To the gated scientific communities to counter the commercial publishers, such a model provides a forward-looking perspective. However, there remain a number of open questions: First of all, it must be shown whether the newly founded, reputable Open Access journals will develop a similar reputation as the traditional journals. For researchers this is certainly the central question. The publication in prestigious and high impact factor journals such as Nature and Science is still crucial for the allocation of scientific posts and project financing. The open access journals will therefore be a Trust loan require the authors to establish themselves in the long term. It remains to be seen whether the legitimate anger about the publishing houses will also be followed by a rigorous rethinking of the scientific day."



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