eLife New Model at Six Months: An ICOR analysis

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"The eLife goals:

  1. Provide meaningful feedback to more authors earlier in the process.
  2. Decrease the time to citable publication through Reviewed Preprints.
  3. Reduce the churn of repeated review cycles before the work can be shared.
  4. Provide authors with ongoing feedback and opportunities to revise and improve their work.
  5. Enable author control over when a final version of record (VOR) is published.

Executive summary of key findings

  1. Submissions are steady, and the proportion of papers sent for review is similar in the two models.
  2. Reviewed Preprints are visible earlier than traditionally peer-reviewed articles, which provides a middle ground between unreviewed preprints and published VORs.
  3. Author demographics have not changed significantly with regard to discipline or geography.
  4. Authors, Senior Editors, and Reviewing Editors are reporting largely favorable experiences with the new model, with some concerns about quality and suggestions regarding process being voiced...."



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