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"Public Resource has been conducting an intensive audit of the scholarly literature. We have focused on works of the U.S. government....Our audit has determined that 1,264,429 journal articles authored by federal employees or officers are potentially void of copyright....To further examine the subject, I have made a copy of a database known as scihub, which has 63+ million journal articles....The purpose of this copy is to create a transformational use, an extraction of all components of scihub that are in the public domain....Of the 1,264,429 government journal articles I have metadata for, I am now able to access 1,141,505 files (90.2%) for potential release....In addition, 2,031,359 of the articles in my possession are dated 1923 or earlier. These 2 categories represent 4.92% of scihub....Public Resource will make extracts of the Library of Alexandra available shortly, will present the issues to publishers and governments...."


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