My boyfriend [22M] spiked my [21F] drink the other night.

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I’m full aware that I might be overreacting a little, but some outside opinions would help ease my mind either way.

So my boyfriend [22M] and I [21F] have been together for about 2 years now and currently share an apartment in our college town. I don’t drink. I don’t have a reason or anything, just never acquired a taste for alcohol. I’ll take a sip of my boyfriend or a friend’s drink just to try it every now and again, but I usually don’t like it. I go to bars with friends and hang out with them all the time, and I’ll usually just have a soda or a water and offer to drive if need be.

My boyfriend was a little stressed the other day since he had to work during Black Friday, so he was tired when he came home. We were watching something on Netflix when he gets up and says he’s going to make himself a drink. I offered to do it for him, but he just said “no no, don’t worry about it, I’ll bring you a water.” So he comes back with his drink and a flavored water for me, and when I sipped it, something tasted off about it. I only took a few more sips of it before I just put in on the coffee table and ignored it.

He asked me why I wasn’t drinking it, which was kind of a strange question to me. I told him it tasted a little off and maybe I bought a bad case or something. He immediately seems to get frustrated and tells me to just drink it so it doesn’t go to waste. Push came to shove, and turns out he put vodka in my water. When I asked him why he would do that without telling me, he said that it was a fantasy of his to have drunken sex with me, and it was “getting ridiculous” that I wouldn’t get drunk so we could do that. He has never communicated this to me before. I had no idea. I dumped my drink out into the sink, and then he was angry at me for wasting alcohol. Now, I’m scared. He put something in my drink without my knowledge, and that scared me. I’m not sure what to do now.

EDIT: I'm realizing now that I am, in fact, under reacting. You guys are all right, I can't seem to stop thinking about this a few days after the fact, so that must mean something. I'm currently packing a bag before I head off to class in about an hour. I called a friend of mine and she is gonna meet me on campus after my class and I'm gonna stay with her until I can figure out where I'm staying for the remainder of the semester. Thank you all for knocking some proper insight into me. I seriously appreciate it.

EDIT AGAIN: Got out of class, currently with a trusted friend and heading over to her place. I tried calling my "boyfriend" with no answer, I'll handle that later. But, I'm feeling pretty apathetic about the whole situation right now. Though I'll admit that my friend got a good laugh out of me by saying "you look like you need a fucking drink."

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