If Hitler's Nazi Germany concentration camp atrocities were happening right now, no country would step in to help.

reddit: the front page of the internet 2020-05-23

As long as Hitler wasn't trying to take over other countries, I highly doubt anyone would stop him. As much as we all know what a despicable time in history that was, nothing would be done. I say this because it is happening right now and absolutely nothing is being done about it. I'm not sure of all the places this is happening, but it is happening right now in China.

Edit: I don’t see a good way of solving these crises via war. I don’t think anything really is solved by war, but something MUST be done. Not only with atrocities such as these, but with every global atrocity. Child pedophelia, lgbtq murders, and any other such deplorable act. How do we really solve these issues unless we all stand together? Does anyone know how? I don’t want any person on this Earth to die because my government doesn’t agree with your government. How do we as a global community come together?

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