TIFU by giving a married man my number and making him think that his wife had given him a hall-pass

reddit: the front page of the internet 2020-05-23

I’m a college student, hustling as a waitress in a swank restaurant to pay for school. A cute married couple are my regulars. One recent date night, they were sniping a touch at each other about their son, who was struggling in math. They asked my opinion. Then the wife asked me if I would consider tutoring him this summer. I thought I’d see them again the next week, but then the wheels fell off the world.

Last night, I was running delivery out to cars. I see Mr. Married. Shifts are limited, so I need cash badly- online tutoring would be great. I virtually body slam my co-worker to deliver his food. On a piece of paper, I scribble my number and march out.

He smiles.

I hand him the food, and then I slip the paper with my number to him.

Cue the deer-in-the-headlights stare from the man. Slow blink.

I do not clue into the FU. I say, “Your wife said you were interested…”

His head shifts 45 degrees, cocked and questioning. He stares blankly at me, inexplicably silent.

In a moment of cognitive dissonance, I hear my brain misfire as I realize he thinks I’m propositioning him.

I blurt, “Tutoring. Your wife wanted me to tutor your son in math.”

He nods slowly, and we both pretend that shit show didn’t just happen as he says, “Yeah. Alright. Okay. Bye.”

I fake a smile and bolt back inside.

I’m half-hoping I never have to see the man again but the other half knows that I have 4 packs of ramen left and prays this traumatic cringe has not made it too excruciatingly awkward to hire me.

TL:DR gave a married man my number to tutor his son. He thought I was hitting on him.

Edit: thank you for the concern about my supply of ramen. I am strapped for cash, but my BF is still working and very willing to share. Also, my boss sends us all home with all the leftovers he can spare. Seriously, thanks, fam. You are spectacular humans!

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