A new dawn

reddit: the front page of the internet 2020-07-03

Hi all,

A thread posted yesterday opened up some dialogue between us and our users, which confirmed our suspicions that this subreddit needs drastic change. The first of these changes is becoming more transparent in the actions we take and why we take them.

In all honesty, the mod team has been in shambles for a long time now. Moderator burnout took hold a while ago, and there has been little effort put into fixing it, so we feel that now is the time. The first change we will be making is a rules reform. The rules are in a sorry state, with lots of grey areas for individual mod biases to hide in, and strange inconsistencies that are (understandably) very confusing from a user's perspective. These inconsistencies make it appear as if harassment is allowed against some streamers but not against others, or as if we are defending abhorrent behaviour while censoring the good people. The changes we are making with this first step, which will be implemented very soon, aim to solve these problems.

The second instalment of this change will be in the form of a concise infraction system. As mentioned, we have acknowledged that each of us moderate differently, and it's a problem that has caused us a lot of problems in the past, and will likely to continue to do so. The details of this have not been fully ironed out yet, but there will be more news to come soon.

Another one of the proposed changes will be to allow streamers to opt-out of being posted on the subreddit. Currently, we do not allow this as per an internal vote within our mod team, but this decision was made before all the recent drama and it needs to be reconsidered.

Additionally, we realise that a subreddit with almost a million people cannot be managed by the small handful of mods we currently have, and we will be looking for more moderators ASAP (if you're interested and have experience, please come forward). We are focusing on the rule reform first, so as to not have to waste time training mods on guidelines that will change shortly.

Please share any thoughts you have in the comments. We will be reading as many comments as possible to gauge your feedback, and responding to those we think we should expand upon.

Love you,

LSF mods

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