Games should not go from 60 to 70 bucks and certainly not games filled to the brim with gambling and MTX such and NBA or 2k.

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Years ago people would say they need to increase in base price of games to make that money back because its getting more costly to produce games.

These days however thats simply not the case if you choose to educate yourself.

Day by day MTX are becoming the norm kids born only a few years ago completely take this as normal. With MTX being more normal today this goes without saying they make companies alot of money.

No matter how badly some of us hate them MTX make companies billions upon billions every year.

There is no need to add another 10 bucks on to a sports game that comes out every single freaking year. The game should be FTP due to how much money these games make the companies.

These companies dont pay their taxes, They crunch to overwhelmingly harmful degrees also they will fire workers despite making record breaking revenue BLIZZARD!!!! Their games dont need to be 60 bucks not even 70 hell no.

Its pure greed at this point they want every single penny.

If 70 bucks is the new norm then I for one wont be picking games up day 1 anymore. I havent pre ordered in years but this is just silly.

Yearly sports games shouldnt cost 70 bucks they come out every year with so little work done.

The 60 dollar myth!

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