If you expect your female partner to be on birth control so you don’t have to wear condoms, you’re a bad person

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I’m tired of being the sole one responsible for preventing pregnancy in a relationship. Men expect women to take hormonal birth control in lieu of using condoms with a complete disregard to the nasty side effects. Below are some of the ones I personally experienced

-progesterone withdrawal on Bc pills. I started seeing flashes of light in my vision, half of my face was feeling numb, followed by the worst and only migraine of my life that was so painful I was vomiting all night


-bleeding for over a month at a time (I’ve experienced this on at least 3 different forms of Bc)

-weight gain of 20 pounds

-painful cystic acne

-complete loss of libido

I’m 24 and I have been on 7 different kinds of birth control because I’ve experienced bad side effects on just about all of them. I finally found one that works for me but Jesus Christ it would have been so much easier if there was a universal understanding between men that a decreased sensation isn’t worth making your partner put their body through hormonal fucking chaos

Editing to add the birth controls I’ve been on:

3 different kinds of oral contraceptives (birth control pills)

The IUD (kylena)

The Nuva ring

The depo shot

The birth control patch (xulane) this is the one that actually worked for me without side effects

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